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Why do we focus on the health area?

Health for all

We are committed to using the potential of technology to transform all lives in a positive way. We know the importance of health, because it relates to improving people's quality of life and we want to break boundaries to reach the maximum people. This means working worldwide, without any space, culture and societal barriers.

Design makes the difference at eHealth

We believe that from a mindset that unifies design and entrepreneurship, we can explore the latent opportunities to use technology and services in the area of digital health to impact the daily lives of users.

Create synergy between industry and university

Our professionals have experience in different businesses in the industrial sector, in addition to a vast academic research career. We believe that this diversity allows us to bring confidence and foundation to propose technology in health.

We want to revolutionize the way of thinking about health to deliver excellence

Our services

We connect strategy, design and software engineering to help healthcare companies and other organizations to rethink their strategic paths, enhance their skills and drive superior results. Using an entrepreneurial mindset, we explore opportunities to propose new services and technologies in the digital health area to impact on the daily lives of users.

User Research

Understanding the context through research methods such as: interviews; surveys; ethnography. We also carry out co-creation processes such as: Design Thinking and Lean Inception.

Product Ideation

We use creative methods such as: Moodboards and Brainstorming. We also develop interaction user flows as well as User Interface prototyping (low, medium and high fidelity) and style guides for digital products.

Current Solution Diagnosis

We review current solutions to suggest necessary changes. Based on different methods like: expert review, heuristics, usability tests, we are able to propose a backlog for all tasks according to product management.

Strategic Consulting

Across project management, we can guide several work stages, such as: problem definition, briefing creation, backlog management, task scheduling and product management. These stages involve joining several stakeholder teams.

A team of exceptional people

To build complete solutions a team of dedicated and diverse people is needed, believing in the same purpose

Claudia Pernencar

Claudia Pernencar

Co-Founder, UX/UI Consultant & Researcher

Inga Saboia

Inga Saboia


Deivith Oliveira

Deivith Oliveira

Co-Founder & Digital Product Manager

Advisory Board

Fran Oliveira

Computer Science

Odorico Monteiro

Digital Health and Public Health

Our way of working

What we believe ...

We are always looking for continuous changes in our projects and ourselves to reach the best version.

We guide all our actions with purpose and rigour to achieve excellent results.

We recognize that the world is constantly changing. As a result, our activities, plans and behaviors are adaptable to enable different possibilities.

We are singular individuals, who are stronger together.

We believe in direct communication, respect and freedom of speech.

Design how it should really be done

Empowering users with amazing projects

CoVIVE Social

CoVIVE is an initiative to use digital information technology to improve the quality of the relationship between the Hospital, Social Service, Multidisciplinary Team, Patients and Families.


Gisbot is a chatbot application to give 100% reliable health guidance to pregnant women, especially regarding questions, guidance, help with symptoms, etc.

Project 01
Project 02
Project 03
Project 04
Project 05
Project 06

Partners in health challenges

We were able to connect with the Brazilian and Portuguese market through partnerships within the health and innovation ecosystem



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